What we do

Education Without Borders

Educación Sin Fronteras (Education Without Borders) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, with no religious affiliation, and that seeks out and promotes, since 1988, the right to education that, universally, every person has.

Through International Cooperation with other 11 countries in Latin America and through action campaigns in our regional offices in Spain, we foster a change in the educational system of marginalized countries, while also fostering an environment of equality and justice for all.

Education for Action

In a globalized world, Latin American and other empoverished regions require the help from developed countries in order to create changes and a more compromised society that fights against global social inequalities.

On the other hand, we also have the economic crisis which is a threat in our country, and thus we come up with political actions against governmental policies that helps us claim back an quality public education available to all people.

From our offices in Spain, we come up with ideas that will positively impact our society in regards to the social problems that affect southern countries. We also contribute to reach our goal that each day we can have more people united to pressure governments to fulfill their obligations.

International Cooperation

We promote and support improvements in the educational system of eleven vulnerable countries in Latin America, joining efforts with local organizations.

We work with worldwide communities and societies in general, and we help them defend their right to have a better education that would enable them to prosper and succeed in the future.

In EDUCACION SIN FRONTERAS (EDUCATION WITHOUT BORDERS) we establish alliances with marginalized communities and countries to help them achieve equality and a better education, which are fundamental factors in social transformation.

Currently, we have partnership and active projects in:


Mapa cooperación internacional América Latina


Examples of projects with some international partners

Andean Region


    Educación Sin Fronteras in Ecuador works with young people in agroecology and sustainable food productions.


    Central America and the Caribbean


      We work to improve the education of teenagers in the rural communities of Mulukukú.

      Dominican Republic

        We foster projects aimed at women and children that live in marginalized sectors of the country.